Clock Bamboo Chef

Synthetic Bamboo "Chef" clock 306 x 285mm. Centre printable area 164 x 164mm - both sides sublimation printable. All...
Price (excl VAT) R 93.90

Clock Digital Cube

Digital Alarm clock cube with printable metal inserts and colour change glow - for sublimation only
Price (excl VAT) R 69.00

Clock Glass Square

Square Glass Clock - 20 x 20cm with Stand - Press at 180C / 340 for 6 min. Too much heat will make it crack. For use...
Price (excl VAT) R 55.40

Clock Glass Square Mirror

Square 20cm Glass Clock with filled outer edge and clock numbers (SG-14). For use with Sublimation.
Price (excl VAT) R 59.90

Clock HB Round 190

Round AMERICAN MDF Clock with mechanism - 190mm diameter.. For use with Sublimation ONLY. Stand not included.
Price (excl VAT) R 55.00

Clock HB Square 200

Square AMERICAN MDF Clock with mechanism and metal stand- 200 x 200mm diameter.. For use with Sublimation ONLY.
Price (excl VAT) R 59.00

Clock Sublimer 2T 3D

"3D" standing clock - Sublimer 2-Tone (white one side, clear the other) 20 x 20cm Edges will warp slightly as it cools...
Price (excl VAT) R 62.90

Clock Sublimer Deco1

DECO1 Hanging Sublimer clock - white - 200 x 200mm both sides sublimation printable - includes clock mechanism and...
Price (excl VAT) R 39.90