Heat Presses

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Press Cap Pro

Professional Muggit Cap Press with adjustable base. Free support pack included. 2 Year Warranty
Price (excl VAT) R 3895.00

Press Cap Pro DE

Professional Double element Muggit Cap & Mini Flat Press with auto open function. Free support pack included. 2 Year...
Price (excl VAT) R 5179.00

Press-2020 8 in 1

Muggit Multifunction Press - 38 x 38cm, with Cap, 2 x Plate, 4 x Mug Attachments. Free support pack included. 2 Year...
Price (excl VAT) R 7821.73


Muggit Tshirt press - 23 x 30cm swingaway. Free support pack included. 2 Year Warranty on element (from 10.08.21)
Price (excl VAT) R 2995.00


Craft Express heat press - 30.48x25.4cm - Cap and Mug attachments optional extras
Price (excl VAT) R 2604.35

Press-Econo- HP Swing

Muggit High Pressure Swing away Heat Press 38 x 38cm - 1 Year warranty. Free support pack included.
Price (excl VAT) R 6895.00

Press-Mug Press Blue

Muggit 'Blue' Mug Press with 11oz & 10oz Element - 1Yr warranty on press - 6 months on elements. Free support pack...
Price (excl VAT) R 2495.00

Press-Mug Press Lime

Muggit Lime Mug Press with 1 element (11oz) - 6 months warranty on element 2 Years on machine. Element must be allowed...
Price (excl VAT) R 1734.78

Press-Mug Press M2

Muggit Multifunction Mug Press - with 4 mug elements including cone shaped - 1 Year warranty on press - 6 months...
Price (excl VAT) R 4395.00

Press-Mug Press M2 Pro

Muggit Pro Arc Mug press with 6 attachments (including Tot glass attachment). 1Yr Warranty on Press, 6 months on...
Price (excl VAT) R 5995.00

Press-Mug Press Tumbler

Craft Express Mug Press extra wide ? can print 2 x 11oz mugs at a time, or 1 x 15oz Mug or 1 x sports bottle 600ml. ...
Price (excl VAT) R 3495.00


Craft Express Mini Oven - made for sublimation
Price (excl VAT) R 4295.00

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