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Subliglaze Sublimation Coating - Clear. For use with Sublimation.
Price (excl VAT) R 379.00


Subliglaze Sublimation Coating - Matte. For use with Sublimation.
Price (excl VAT) R 399.00

Coat-Muggit Film

Muggit Clear Coating Film - pack of 10 sheets 250 x 330mm - for sublimation only. Sublimate and apply onto almost any...
Price (excl VAT) R 49.90

Coat-Muggit Laser

Muggit Laser coating - protects laser transfers on metal and plastic items - Allow the heat transfer to cool...
Price (excl VAT) R 249.75

Coat-Opaque White.

Subliglaze Sublimation Coating - Opaque White - For dark surfaces - use with Clear Coating. For sublimation only.
Price (excl VAT) R 379.00


Subliglaze Sublimation Coating adhesion promoter - for slippery surfaces (glass, ceramics, chrome) - now 250ml. For use...
Price (excl VAT) R 379.00

Coat-Trans White.

Subliglaze Sublimation Coating - Translucent White - For glass / crystals - use with Clear Coating. For Sublimation...
Price (excl VAT) R 379.00